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Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Hello Everyone Again,

In the wake of our devastating loss in Boston, I have a couple of pictures, courtesy of the North Las Vegas Fire Department, taken from TV.

Truck 52 had responded to a building fire in a fourplex. On arrival they were assigned to ventilation. Firefighters Adams and Harris went onto the roof to do vertical roof ventilation. Shortly after starting the roof gave way and Adams dropped down onto the trusses, and Harris fell part way into the hole. Harris was able to crawl back onto the roof and get to Adams. Adams said he told Harris “Get me out of here. Grab my air pack. “ Harris grabbed the top of the air pack and with one hand pulled Adams up onto the roof. Both firefighters were taken to the hospital and checked, and returned to work the next shift.

I guess my point is, that the two of them were working together and were fortunate to be able to react quickly, and lived to take another call.

Our two brothers in Boston were trapped and made the ultimate sacrifice, as did their families.

Each day as we leave home, tell our loved ones goodbye, we pray that in the morning we will return to them. May I again remind us all, to be cautious, stay in contact with each other, and don’t take anymore foolish chances than are necessary. Heaven knows they happen more often than we like.

My heartfelt love and sympathy for the Boston Massachusetts Fire Department and the families of our fallen brothers. May you find the comfort of a Loving God’s arms around you.

Please take care,

Captain Jep

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