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Out of the Frying Pan…Where’s the Fire

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Out of the Frying Pan…Where’s the Fire

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Sorry for the extended absence. Been a busy few months. Like so many others, my computer fried and I lost everything except my pictures. Well most of them anyway. My kids and grandkids kept asking… Have you backed up your documents. Well, no, I have done the pictures, but I will try and do it in the morning.  It’s not like I don’t have space, since I bought a 1 T external hard drive.  My family says that is a lot, so I will take their word for it.

Anyway, when it crashed, even the Geek Squad said “Oh My.” I guess that’s
not good…  So I’m going to back up everything first thing tomorrow…

The site director and creator is currently on an extended tour of the world. Thus the pictures from Argentina.  Maybe he will send others from New Zealand and Australia.

Any of you New Zealanders or Australians see a 6’6″ man with his 5’6″ wife and three daughters, tell them hi for us will you please?

Now back to the things at hand.  Hope you don’t mind my using personal experiences for the training.  This time is about frying pan fires.  I know that in my life time there have been many remedies for frying pan fire extinguishment.  One of the early ones was flour. Of course this can have a little side effect of flour explosion.

Initially this was blamed on the fire and the grease, but eventually analyzed and   for the most part, stopped.  Also during that period, was the salt . Good theory if you have five pounds.  It smothers the fire really good, and somewhat absorbs the grease.  One effective fire extinguishing method, is
smothering, or depriving the fire of oxygen.  Of course, the first thing they tried was a salt shaker, thinking it was the salt, not the volume that was the fire fighting tool. Burned hair and hands were usually a result. Now you can buy extinguishers, and specific kitchen extinguishers.

No, I have not forgotten the two most important stove fire fighting tools.

Now for the what happened part.

We received a fire call, smoke showing.  So we respond to the call. It was only a couple of blocks away, so we arrived very quickly. There was still some smoke coming from the kitchen area, but the occupant met us at the door and said there was no problem and her nosy neighbors had called in a false alarm.

Since the smoke was starting to get heavier, we decided to have a look anyway. We went into the kitchen to find the stove on, the burner red hot, a burning towel in a sink behind the stove, a towel in the frying pan starting on fire, burn areas on wall behind the stove extending into the hood, and a
“flung” burn area. (definition: you take the burning towel out of the frying pan and fling it into the sink behind you spreading grease fire in the full arc of the swing.)

We turned off the stove, extinguished both burning towels and the arc of the flung burn, and then checked the hood for extension.  We were fortunate, as there was none. I asked the lady occupant if she was okay, and if she was burned any place.  I looked at her blouse and it was clean with no grease, smudges, or anything on it.  She was also constantly tugging at the bottom of the blouse.

I again asked her if she was okay and where was the blouse she had been wearing at the time of the fire.  She finally admitted she was burned a little and showed me her blouse. The front was pretty badly burned, so I had her show me the burns.  She was burned from the waist almost to her neck.  Second and third degree burns.  Seems she was leaning over the frying pan,
checking the hood when the second fire flashed.  I called for an ambulance and had her transported to UMC Burn Center. When I called later, she was not expected to live.

Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to check her after that, so I never found out what the final outcome was.

Just remember, when you cook in a fry pan, always keep a lid handy whether you need or not, and remember:


2 – Cover the pan with the lid.

Please take care,

Captain Jep

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